• Conditions Show, Whitgift Centre, September 2022
  • -topia, Bermondsey Project Space, June 2022
  • I Know a Guy..., Art Hub, April 2022
  • Deep Meaningful Conversation, Ugly Duck Gallery, March 2022
  • Degree Show, Goldsmiths University, June 2021
  • 13th June, Safehouse 1, June 2019
  • Untitled (charity exhibition & performance night), Overlock Arts, May 2019
  • Foundation Final Show, Kingston School of Art, May 2018
  • SWAP Art Editions 3: Artist as Machine, New Shoreditch Theatre, April 2018



  • Sculpture Placement Group

Working predominantly in sculpture, incorporating elements of writing and photography, Francesca’s practice extracts familiar objects and iconographies to be viewed through the lens of the artefact or heirloom; in order to investigate their relationships to gestures of heritage, memory, grief and assimilation. Inhabiting a self-reflexively anthropological methodology, she constructs speculative studies of personal and microcosmic histories; alongside the wider political, cultural, ecological and mythological contexts of the landscapes these emerge from. Searching for the specific moments where objects and symbols within the remit of the everyday can come to embody the talismanic, votive or ritual - and how the care with which these images are preserved can reference languages of the souvenir, collection or archive - her work seeks to construct its own embedded semiotics emerging from a histriographic interrogation of the hauntologies found in public, private and pedagogical spaces. Focussing on analogue and craft-based practices, Francesca’s work continually engages with the metaphorical core of materials and processes; utilising their contextual associations to narrativise emergences of intergenerational knowledge in making traditions, and assembling a mythopoetic museology of gathered, scavenged and falsified objects.

Francesca is a 2021 graduate from the BA fine art course at Goldsmiths University, and was a 2021-22 resident with Conditions Studio Programme. She is currently a member of A Particular Reality, an educational collective of students and staff from Goldsmiths, Kingston and Manchester Universities focussing on art and anti-racism.


  • Conditions Studio Programme, 2021 - 2022
  • Goldsmiths University, 2018 - 2021, BA Fine Art, First Class Honours
  • Kingston School of Art, 2017 - 2018, Art & Design Foundation (specialising in Fine Art), Distinction